hcpp hcpp24 2024 hackers congress paralelní polis hardcore
hcpp hcpp24 2024 hackers congress paralelní polis hardcore
hcpp hcpp24 2024 hackers congress paralelní polis hardcore
hcpp hcpp24 2024 hackers congress paralelní polis hardcore

In recent years, privacy and freedom have come under attack. State surveillance has intensified, financial regulations have tightened, and the anonymity of transactions has been increasingly scrutinized. Yet, in the face of these challenges, our resolve remains unbroken.

HARDCORE signifies our uncompromising commitment to defending individual autonomy against all forms of control. We reject the chains of coercion and embrace decentralization, anonymity, and cryptographic freedom.

As pioneers of a new order, we stand at the forefront of technological innovation, driving progress for a free society. The old world is crumbling, and from its chaos, we will forge a future built on freedom and innovation.

HARDCORE means challenging control, forging new paths, and continuing the fight for our rights. Let us stand united, firm and unwavering, as we rise together, guided by the indomitable spirit of freedom into the future.

This is our moment.

For the very last time, welcome to the Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis!

Decentralized Economics & Cryptocurrencies                                                                          Political Art & Hacking                                                                          Freedom & Cryptoanarchy                                                                          Science & Technology                                                                         


Become a part of this unique experience!


J. Gdanski

privacy, security & risk-management expert, CEO & Founder of Evertas


open resourcerer

Maxim Orlovsky

radical transhumanist & CEO at Pandora Core AG

Ryan Lackey

cypherpunk, security entrepreneur, co-founder of HavenCo, CSO at Evertas

Amir Taaki

DarkFi cryptography

Mitch Altman

hacker & inventor, best known for inventing TV-B-Gone

Jarrad Hope

the thought leader & co-founder of Status.im and Logos

Rachel-Rose O’Leary

DarkFi core dev & writer


privacy researcher, independent investigative journalist, and educator

Amin Rafiee

founder and CEO at Bittopia University

Travin Keith

freedom maximalist & flag theory connoisseur

Juraj Bednar

educator, writer, cryptoanarchist & biohacker

More coming soon


Paralelní Polis

Paralelní Polis is a one-­of-­a-­kind nonprofit organization that brings together art, social sciences, and modern technologies. The ideas of liberty, independence, innovative thinking, and the development of society are the main underlying foundations of the project.

The project intends to remain state-free as it operates entirely without support from the government, and most of the funds come from voluntary contributions of our donors and partly from commercial activities such as running a unique co­working space and the world’s first bitcoin-­only cafe.

It was founded by members of a contemporary-­art group Ztohoven, and Slovak and Czech hacker­spaces. Its main goal is to promote economic, social, and digital freedom. We try to be a vocal voice of liberty in order to shape the public discourse and ultimately work towards a freer future.


HCPP is the flagship event of Paralelní Polis, which has been regularly attended by over 500 fans and IT experts from all over the world. HCPP is held annually in Prague on the first weekend of October.

Since 2014, our crew has brought to you a number of unforgettable events, like:

Black Swan Security Congress


Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis

Pizza Day Prague

Prague DeFi Summit